An Entrepreneur’s New Years Resolution

The year is coming to close. What a year it has been! As I was out for a run through my local park I thought about everything that had happened so far.

I became a father to a wonderful beautiful daughter.

My wife and I completed multiple home improvement projects including a major update to our landscaping.

I merged my former company (Mad Crane Marketing) with another (WebriQ) and we formed WebriQ Goes Mad.

Collectively we grew our revenues by roughly 200% this past year.

However, looking over my shoulder with rose-colored glasses is not what I want to write about today. Honestly, this last year has been the toughest year of my life. Yes at the end there were things to celebrate but it was a tough go of it and that too was on my mind as I ran today.

As I was running I kept coming back to joy.

I love trail running. The physical work of moving your body through the natural landscape is an incredible joy. Through my own power and determination, I can log miles and enjoy the bounty of the Earth’s beauty.

My mind kept working around the idea that I run for pleasure. I didn’t come to running as a way to lose weight or get fit. I simply wanted to cover distances on trails and to experience vistas and revel in nature.

This is why for years I have been running but I have never burned out nor been the victim of serious injury. I haven’t pushed my miles, increased my speed or focused on bettering my metrics.

However, that too is changing.

It began with my Garmin wrist watch and fitness tracker. The simple ability to track and record my activity opened up a new world to my running.

The second and bigger change agent was making friends with a new running partner. My friend got into running for entirely different reasons and it shows.

He is competitive. He is motivated to make personal gains and beat personal records.

I, who had originally been content to simply log hours outside, now found myself tracking my numbers and actively seeking better results.

It is this change that was most influential as I ran this morning. I am a balanced runner. Most days I run simply to get outside. I love being outside.

I run to experience my world and have personal experience as I physically move through the landscape.

This balance I have in running is a happy accident. Until today, as I ran through the Garden of the Gods, I had never really analyzed it. With each new footstep, I slowly realized what I need to do for a New Year’s Resolution as an entrepreneur.

Find Balance

I have spent a lot of this past year being stressed out over the numbers. Hell-bent on chasing scale and high growth have definitely worn me down. It is something I don’t want to repeat in the new year.

My poor wife can attest to my stress. I can remember this past November I was a bear to be around. I couldn’t talk about anything but work and how terrible I felt things were going.

I was in a constant state of anxiety. Nothing was moving fast enough and my successes weren’t measuring up to my insanely lofty goals. I had become a monster.

What really made me realize how silly I was behaving was at the close of the month it was the second best month on record for net new growth and our largest month in total revenue.

I had spent weeks lamenting and pining and otherwise being an insufferable jerk only to have had wild success through it. But I wasn’t able to see it because I stopped seeing the joy of it.

This is what I mean by finding balance in business.

Seeking balance and perspective is critical for any entrepreneur.

My New Year’s Resolution as an entrepreneur is remembering where I am and keeping myself balanced.

Yes, I should have a strong focus on growth. Absolutely I should maintain a drive to scale the business. But I can’t forget about the bigger picture. I cannot get so lost in the numbers and metrics that I lose sight of what I am doing and why I am doing it.

An Entrepreneur’s New Years Resolution

As we head into the New Year I know many of us will be making resolutions both personal and business related. I know many of you will make highly tangible goals. Goals that are measurable, achievable and trackable. I think this is smart.

But I recommend looking at the softer side of your resolutions too.

Think about balance. Think about a grand vision. These goals and resolutions can guide you into a better mindset or help keep you grounded in reality.

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to your resolutions and success.



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