Leveraging Generational Divides For Entrepreneurial Success

Millennials are the most entitled generation ever! Of course a generation raised with participation trophies and coddled by helicopter parents is doomed for failure.

Baby boomers have ruined the economy for us all… Their inability to govern and create actual opportunity is what has gotten us into the mess of this new globalized era.

I am sure these arguments have popped up in your social media streams. Giant finger pointing matches played out in the comments section of Facebook illustrated with memes, colorful language and examples have certainly shown up on my Facebook feed.

In fact, in my younger days I actually believed some of this stuff.

As many of us are now aware these arguments and talking points are really just the generational divides between us being voiced when we are frustrated or missing the forest for the trees. Actually the same points above have been printed and shouted from horse back and I am willing to bet they even existed in ancient Rome.

I have written about the beginning of WebriQ goes Mad here, but today I’d like to talk about my relationship with Philippe and why I believe we’ve come to grow into a successful team.

Our relationship began on the internet. Philippe had an awesome idea and I, having been fired from almost every job I’ve ever held, was searching for an entrepreneurial opportunity. Needless to say I needed my own freedom to try and build a business instead of fit into someone else’s.

From that stand-point alone, we were a great fit.

Reading over his proposed business model, with my own insights into web design and the issues with the DIY tools out there, I knew he had a killer idea. Web Design as a Service? I mean it was freaking crazy. So crazy it just might actually work.

We began working together. Slowly our generational gap started to show up. At first there was some friction.

I am a young, bull headed and ambitious kid. I am seriously ambitious. Like, I might have a problem, ambitious.

Philippe has a more pragmatic approach to ambition and has been through this sort of thing before with varying levels of success, but he gave me the opportunity to speak.

I was steeped in the idea of a tech startup! How could you not be? A few episodes into the HBO hit comedy series “Silicon Valley” and I am sure most viewers are. I wanted to build the next unicorn. I still do.

I came to Philippe with wild assumptions about funding, growth metrics and insane timelines. My young unbridled ambition coupled with my naivete were laid bare. Philippe was kind enough not to scoff at me. Instead he listened and then coached.

Our notion of potential was mutually shared. The same grand vision I had in my minds eye was also in Philippe’s. The difference was I hadn’t been here before and Philippe had been.

My desire to rush toward success without any consideration of our product or culture would have been disastrous. Many young companies with big ambitions die from over expansion or poor investor opinion or simply not learning enough lessons from their customers before they grow. Philippe knew better than to get WebriQ goes Mad wrapped up in that mess.

On the flip side I have been able to come in and energize the entire business model. Philippe could have kept me at arms length and dismissed my passion and ideas but instead he gave me reins to run.

We have gone through a number of changes, updates and tweaks to our service and billing model. Philippe has been kind enough to bring me in as a partner and Co-Founder for WebriQ goes Mad.

What was an idea on the internet is now a true billing and growing business. I do believe much of the success rests in the inter-generational team that is Philippe and me.

I love the intersection of sales, marketing, product and finance. I am the Mad Growth Officer & Co-Founder of WebriQ Goes Mad. I love living outside.

I love the intersection of sales, marketing, product and finance. I am the Mad Growth Officer & Co-Founder of WebriQ Goes Mad. I love living outside.