Static Websites with Headless WordPress via REST API

WordPress is NOT built around performance.

WordPress is built on two core tenets — ALWAYS support legacy users at all costs.

Be extensible.

Do you want it in mobile or web format?

What font face?

The entire time our listener is thinking “I just need a copy of the freakin’ menu to give to a customer”.

What should have been a 3-second process takes 30 minutes.

WebriQ GLUE — a best in class technology stack

What can you expect from WebriQ GLUE

We are highly specialized, and opinionated when it comes to the technology stack used.

The Stack

MongoDB — Database-as-a-Service






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Alex Belding

Alex Belding

I love the intersection of sales, marketing, product and finance. I am the Mad Growth Officer & Co-Founder of WebriQ Goes Mad. I love living outside.