The Business Case For Headless Commerce

What Is Headless Commerce?

Better User Experience

  • Faster page load speeds — online consumers are an impatient bunch. If a page does not load quickly, it is all too easy for them to do another search and find a competitor’s store. So, it is important that your webshop’s page loading speed is immediate. Ecommerce platforms that provide a headless approach help in this matter because front-end and back-end website functions are not coupled together. Content on your site can then be served or displayed to your customers very quickly.
  • Up-to-date content — One of the tricky things to handle when running an online shop is content management. If you are using a traditional commerce platform, most likely you’ll have to do numerous adjustments to the front-end (template design/the way your content is displayed) of your site when you make changes to the back-end (data, written content, amounts, and so on). Because it can be tedious, there might be a delay in updating your webshop’s content. But with a headless solution, changing the back-end and the front-end can be done separately. It then becomes easier to keep your website up to date.
  • Clean and uncomplicated design — An online shop’s design can adversely affect user experience. That is why it is a best practice to maintain an uncomplicated design that will encourage customers to purchase or complete transactions. A headless commerce solution can definitely help developers achieve this type of design in a more seamless manner. Traditional commerce architecture, meanwhile, often involves complicated presentation layer approaches that will take away from the effectiveness of a site’s design.

Increased Performance and Improved Conversions

  • Reduced Bounce Rate
  • Increased Page Views Per Session
  • Improved Funnel Progression
  • Increased Conversion Rate and Increased Order Value


Reduce CAC With A Seamless Customer Experience

Become Customer-First Focused

Better Operational Capacity

Improved Scalability and Stability

Access To True Flexibility

Wrapping Up



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