The web has changed, so must our way to publish content for the web.

We now live in a multichannel world

We need a new way of managing content in this multichannel world.

In the new multichannel world, your content may be consumed on any number of devices.

If you do not want to miss the opportunity of truly engaging with your customers, you need to make sure your content is ready for multiple channels.

This requires a whole new mindset in structuring, organizing, managing, and presenting content.

Headless CMS — next generation in content management

We’re at the very beginning of this new era.

Instead, you control the presentation completely with your own code.

True headless-first versus “me too” headless CMS

This is definitely the case for the WordPress REST API.

True SaaS CMS versus CMS hosted in the Cloud

The most revolutionary aspect of the headless approach is that it enables CMS vendors to provide a CMS in a true multitenant Software as a Service model.

Selection of the major players in the Headless CMS market



GraphQL CMS — GraphCMS




Key Takeaways

Why Choose WebriQ GLUE

We have developed a very opinionated way of implementing websites, eCommerce carts and web apps and we completely moved away from a monolithic, legacy and centralized approach.

We aim at 100% serverless operation, and we know how to do that and we aim at 100% uptime, and we know how to do that.

We are highly specialized, and opinionated when it comes to the technology stack used.



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