Top Trends for Website Design in 2019

Gathered here is a list of the website design trends that will dominate in 2019:

1. Mobile First

A huge percentage of web users also access their favorite websites or shops via their smartphones.

2. Speed

Loading speed should be given top priority in your website design efforts for 2019.

Ideally, your page should load within the first three to five seconds when they click on your website.

3. Personalized Illustration Design

Concepts of web design

Your customers will find your brand more credible if there is consistency in your messaging.

4. Chatbots

They are brought to life in the form of interactive mascots to make them more personable.

These chatbots can be the face of your brand and its commitment to delivering timely and reliable customer service.

5. More Video

Video content has been and remains to be, one of the most powerful tools of marketing.

6. Black and White Palettes

Planning the concept of website design

The use of this palette remains minimalist but in a daring way.

7. Experimental Typography

With more sophisticated coding techniques available to web designers, this has resulted in making it easier to experiment with typography.



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