Alex Belding

Jun 15, 2018

5 min read

WebriQ goes Mad — An Introduction

Building something new isn’t easy. It takes time and energy. It takes trial and error. It takes determination.

I’d like to share with you something new. I introduce — WebriQ goes Mad.

WebriQ goes Mad logo

The origin of WebriQ goes Mad begins with the story of me becoming fed up with the marketing status quo at my old job. I had left the digital marketing and web design industry to try my hand at B2B sales and I landed at a reputable company with a large market share and growth record. Arguably I had a great job with great prospects and a great opportunity to build a career as a salesman.

One problem though. Our company had no actual digital marketing or web presence. Sure we had the necessary social feeds and a website. But the processes and energy needed to make those things work wasn’t there.

I found myself a salesman a drift in a sea of prospects and leads that had no idea who my company was and why our products and services were valuable. I lacked a rudder and sail to navigate this sea.

The great irony was we had training and educational seminars about how buyers and businesses were self educating and waiting until later and later to engage with sales people. My company knew that our own clients and prospects cared less and less about brand or loyalty. But we missed the notion that they still had real problems to tough issues and our enterprise had solutions.

We talked about solution based selling but we didn’t work on creating a digital presence that provided that education where the buyers were — online. We kept up the status quo. High activity, low conversion, drop the price. We were effectively racing to the bottom. I assume many of you in fact find your yourselves a drift on the same sea with the same ill equipped boat.

My situation was the catalyst that led me to discover WebriQ and Philippe Bodart. WebriQ is a CMS (Content Management System) for static websites. Philippe and his team had really created something unique. Using the JAM stack to build and deploy websites that are almost unhackable, can support unlimited traffic and they are wicked fast.

Philippe had also introduced a new service arrangement that instantly struck me as incredible. Web Design as a Service. Unlimited design and content changes, hosting, SSL and data backup for a flat monthly fee.

I knew I had to work with this opportunity.

What Philippe lacked was brand recognition, sales and feedback. We teamed up to solve those problems and build a business together.

Enter our first test case company Mad Crane Marketing. We created a company in Colorado Springs CO in order to test our theories and create a customer base. Mad Crane Marketing has had incredible success.

It did not start that way though. Not even close.

Our first concept and pricing model was tough to sell at best. Add in that describing a new technology stack to small and medium businesses was a terrible way to create interest in our new service. However months of trial and error on our messaging, changing and adapting our service levels and pricing options we began making head way.

It was nothing monumental and in many ways our growth is still wildly behind were our dreams are. But over time we did in fact arrive at service and pricing levels that allowed us to bring on new customers and actually maintain a small profit on a business model that seems insane.

What I truly love about this journey was my frustrations with my past experience in sales and business development never arrived.

I had a new boat!!

Ultimately our slow and steady success lead to the obvious conclusion. Mad Crane Marketing needed to become a bigger brand and WebriQ needed to capitalize on the successes of our joint venture. WebriQ and Mad Crane came together. A new brand was born — WebriQ goes Mad.

Perhaps my favorite part of this whole story is the way our company evolved. What began as a virtual relationship and an experiment evolved into a growing company and real human connections. This past May it culminated in the finalized creation of WebriQ goes Mad and the first time we were all together in the same time zone!

A growing team!

What had began as an idea on the internet and had grown through virtual communication was truly a company! Our team is incredible and our opportunities are huge. Best of all our culture is in line with our beginnings.

A rag tag group of entrepreneurs, coders and marketers hell bent on changing websites.

Do we have a solution for everyone? No, but that is okay. We do however have a solution that is crazy valuable to small and medium businesses seeking to grow and our Do-It-With-Me solution allows them all the tools to success without having to become technical experts.

Now over 18 months into this experiment we are beginning a new journey. We are looking at how to scale up WebriQ goes Mad and bring real change to a web design industry that we believe is in need of an update.

That future is still unwritten, but our boat has a new horizon and that is crazy exciting.