Why an Alternative to IDX and WordPress is Needed for Real Estate Websites

Seriously?!!? What year is it? 2014?

In fact, WordPress is the most hacked CMS system on the market and accounted for 90% of all hacked websites in 2018 according to Sucuri. Source

Image from Sucuri

It becomes tough to determine which are good WordPress plugins and which are not.

MLS data needs a major change to help real estate out.

There has to be a better way of getting MLS data to your real estate website.

Put simply using a RESO Web API offers way more security, stability and flexibility for showcasing MLS data on a real estate website.

WebriQ Goes Mad Saves The Day!

Lets go places together!

Add in our experience building and deploying custom websites and apps that are wicked fast, extremely stable and secure and it is a game changer to the real estate industry.



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